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Saturday, July 15, 2006

SOC as a Business

You can join my SOC team as a partner build a very lucrative business that will pay you residual income for years to come …
this will require a small investment (explained below)

Here are some of the best benefits of the Send Out Cards business opportunity.

  • You Can Do This Part Time
  • You Can Work From Home
  • You Can Work Over The Telephone
  • You Can Work Over the Internet
  • You Can Make your own hours
  • You Can Work around your kids' schedules
  • You Can Earn Anywhere from $500 - $20,000 per month or more

Residual Income Possibilities
Residual Income is when you do work and get paid over and over again,
your retirement income. Our product is very consumable. It will be used over and over again, month after month, year after year, and you will get paid every time it is used

The Entrepreneur Package - $299 Investment ~This where the BIG money is.

  • With The Entrepreneur position you would be acquiring customers for yourself.
  • You would earn a MINIMUM of $100 per customer upfront plus Residuals.
  • Every time the customer reorders YOU get paid again
  • In addition you can build a team of independent reps and get overrides on all the customers they acquire.
There is NO LIMIT on how big your team can grow (This is where the big money is)

What Do I get for my $299?

  1. 100 Cards to Get You Started
  2. A Wholesale License (Instead of 98 cents a card..,, you pay 62 Cents!
  3. Distributorship – You get an official position in the company which gives you the right to acquire customers and build a team and get override on your whole team and THEIR customers!
  4. Distributor Kit - Card Samples, Brochures and tons of other stuff to help you get you business off the ground)
  5. Unlimited DVD’s – We have an Awesome DVD that explains the whole system. This is for acquiring new customers and building a team With the Team Builder position you get as many as you want … For FREE!
  6. Handwriting Fonts - We will scan in your handwriting so the cards will look like you wrote them out by hand (THIS IS THE FEATURE THAT I LOVE and all my friends comment about)
  7. Signatures – We will Scan your Signature so you can “Sign” the cards
  8. “Treat Em Right” Seminar – This is a wonder Full Day Personal Development Seminar that includes lunch.

How Do I make Money?

You can Open Retail Accounts – The Retail process of a card is 98 cents which is a great deal for your customers, Your cost is 62 cents. You make 36 cents every time one of your Retail Customers sends a card .. FOREVER!!!! Note: 36 cents might not sound like a lot but believe me it adds up.. some of our team builders have landed accounts that send several thousand cards a month… you do the math

You Can Sell Wholesale Licenses – A Wholesale license costs $199 and this gets the Customer 100 Cards to start with as well as the right to buy at wholesale. It also gets them their handwriting fonts and signatures You make $100 - $150 every time you sell a Wholesale License.. PLUS you get overrides on every single card they send ... Forever!

You can build a Team (this is where the big money is) You make $100 - $150 for every team member you Enroll and coach

Team Overrides – You get an override on all you team members as well as ALL THEIR customers .. forever

Join today at

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Benefits of SOC

Someone asked me the other day what are the benefits of being a member of Send Out Cards... There are many benefits that make this not only a good opportunity but a wonderful service that can be of benefit to your daily life.

But for the record here are some benefits...
  • Chose from more than 3000 cards and growing . Categories include but not limited to: Business, Special Events, Birthday, Invitations, Holidays, Announcements...Etc. Plus
  • Photo Uploads - You can upload Photos “on-the-fly” and they will print inside the card. For example let’s say a Realtor sells a house. He can take a picture of the couple in front of their new house and send them a Congratulations Card!
  • Insert Gift Cards – You can Insert Gift Cards into the Greeting Cards! We have relationships with a growing number of Merchants such as Starbucks, Circuit City, Old Navy, Home Depot etc
  • Set Up Groups – You can Separate all your contacts into different groups such as “New Clients”, “Prospects”,, “Family Members” , Customers who live in Florida” etc
  • Mail Merge Capability - Want to Send out all your Christmas Cards at once? You can set up one card and it will be sent to all your contacts ( or a subset of) at once with the click of a mouse !
  • Custom Cards – Want a Custom Designed Card with Your Logo (or anything else) on it? With our team of graphic artists it’s a snap!
  • Your Own Handwriting! - We can Scan in your OWN handwriting and signature so it looks like you wrote the card by hand!
  • Extremely Economical – How much would does it cost to get a quality card in a store? $2, $3 $5?? Because we use print on demand technology And do not carry inventory with us...ITS UNDER $1!!
  • Very Simple To Use – A 5 Year old can use this System to Send a high Quality personalized greeting card in less than a minute
  • Schedule Campaigns – You can Schedule a multi-card campaign to go out for years in advance. It’s like an Auto-responder that send cards!
  • Upload Contacts - You can upload all your contacts from Excel, Access, Act and be sending them cards in 5 minutes!

Our Customers include Attorneys, Auto Dealerships, Business Owners, Churches, Doctors, Dentists, Insurance Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Professionals, Realtors, Sales People, Small Business Owners, Teachers, … anybody can use this product!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Send Out Cards Distributor Tips!

A) What makes the SendOutCards product a great business opportunity?
  1. Every literate person is a prospective customer
  2. Every person knows they should send more cards than they do
  3. Every person would send more cards if it were more convenient
  4. Every person feels good when they send a card
  5. This system eliminates major obstacles in sending a card - Immediate convenience -Half the cost - Cards and stamps always available immediately - You make the card say EXACTLY what you want it to say
  6. Talking about sending a card is a natural soft subject that NO ONE feels intimidated by you unless you are acting in an intimidating manner.

B) What makes the SendOutCards business opportunity more solid than other opportunities?
  1. See section one­ great product!!
  2. It is NOT a get rich quick scheme.
  3. It is a patience and perseverance business opportunity
  4. It actually uses the computer and the internet to be MORE personal.
  5. MOST IMPORTANT distributors are IMMEDIATELY compensated for PROPERLY training their people.
  6. The VISION of the company founder is a sound, personal, and righteous vision. KNOW IT!!!! (hints: “…you reap what you sow…”, “…the Unexpected Card…”, “…millions of people sending 100’s of cards…”,“…responding to ‘promptings’…”)
  7. The compensation schedule rewards those distributors that follow and teach the vision of the company.

C) Recruiting approaches and ideas for the SendOutCards Program
  1. Send cards and people will ask where you got the great and personal card
  2. Ask “How much do you spend on cards per year?” $____? How would you like to send the same number of cards for ½ the cost or 2 times the cards for the same cost? Emphasize 2 times the cards for the same cost, because that is where the Unexpected Card will appear.
  3. Discuss with people how as employees we cannot rely on our employer any more for our financial security.
  4. Call everyone in your current Address Book. Tell them you need to update your book and you need all of their phones, cell phones, emails, birthdates, anniversary,etc. “because I am a member of the greatest greeting card system. It reminds me of cards that need to be sent, it is much less expensive,convenient, and I can send exactly at the time I think about someone.” You will be greatly surprised at how many people will want to know about the whole system right then and there.
  5. Use gift accounts and sample accounts to get people using the system. That is a very powerful tool.
  6. Be genuine and honest­“If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you do not have integrity, nothing else matters.”
  7. VERY IMPORTANT and maybe MOST IMPORTANT­ Know the vision of the company and be able to teach it and share with your customers and distributors. The vision is what started the company. It is also what the compensation schedule, any reward system, and marketing and training are centered around. It is pretty hard to miss.

Friday, June 16, 2006

7 Ways to Make Money with Send Out Cards

1. Customer Direct Retail Profits: direct sale of a distributor's cards from their card bank to a retail customer. The customer pays you, the distributor, directly for cards and temporary use of the system. Example: On Fathers Day you might send a card from your card bank for a friend to their father and charge him $3.00 for the card.

The Annual Account Pre-Paid Greeting Card can also be sold to a customer. A distributor uses points and stamps from their account to purchase the Annual Account card, then sells it to a customer for a profit. (Typically $10.00 to $15.00 per card.)

A great way to sell Annual Account Cards is through Club Fundraisers. Fundraiser kits are available and there is a sample in your distributor kit.

Join Send out cards at

2. Retail Profits from Preferred Customers (Paid Monthly) Preferred Customers receive a License free when they start an Autoship. They may purchase an Annual Account Card and points directly from their distributor at a cost of $25 per Annual Account and $0.49 per point. (A greeting card uses 2 points and a postcard uses 1 point. A picture upload uses 1 point.) These purchases are credited to the qualified distributors account. Volume commissions are paid on the points sold and retail bonus is paid on a monthly basis.

3. Coaching Bonus From New Distributor Accounts (Paid Weekly) A customer may purchase a System License for $199 and receive a coaching session and wholesale pricing on points with an Auto Order. Distributor receives a $100 bonus after coaching the customer on the system. Distributors also receive Coaching bonuses from System License sales from people in their downline organizations.

4. Coaching Bonus from New Distributor Accounts (Paid Weekly) An individual may purchase an Entrepreneur Package for $299. This includes a System License, a Treat em Right Seminar & Distributor kit. This person will be coached by the qualified distributor that introduced them to the program. The coaching distributor will receive a $100 coaching bonus.

Distributors also receive coaching bonuses that take place throughout their downline organizations. Downline coaching bonuses range from $15 to $50 per coaching session.

5. Treat em Right Seminar Bonus (Paid Weekly) Qualified Distributors will receive bonuses when people in their organizations attend a Treat em Right Seminar. Treat'em Right Seminar Attendance bonuses range from $5.00 to $30.00 per attendee.

6. 7-level Volume Bonus (Paid Monthly) Qualified Distributors on Greeting Cards Sold will receive bonuses on 7 levels of sales activity from their distributor group.

7. Leadership Volume Bonus (Paid Monthly) Qualified Distributors will receive leadership volume bonuses on Greeting Cards Sold on unlimited levels within a leadership group. Leadership volume bonuses range between 5% and 30% depending on the leadership ranks that have been earned.

Join Send Out Cards at
Read more about Send out cards at or

Greeting Card shirts and Apparel are at

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Why focus on relationship marketing?

Customer relationships are the lifeblood of every good company.
Relationships between a company and their customers, distributors, employees, referral sources, are vital to continued, sustained growth, and stability. Loyal relationships with these valued individuals make for a strong bottom line.

So, why do so few companies focus on customer relationship marketing? That's a great question, and probably the most frequent answer is lack of understanding of the potential profits in keeping existing customers happy versus constantly acquiring new ones.

When you consider 2/3rds of customers switch from one company to another because of a perceived attitude of indifference from the former company, it makes sense to focus as much attention on customer retention as you do on customer acquisition.

Don't be a victim of indifference. Develop a good relationship marketing program. With well-planned relationship marketing efforts, like a greeting card campaign using our system, you can impact retention -- and that will impact the bottom line.

According to customer relationship management experts, companies can increase revenue by 50% if they retain only 5% more of their customers. Don't you want your share of that revenue? Our system is the way to put the process of keeping those dollars on autopilot.

Solidify loyal relationships with your most valuable customers.
Business owners tend to be driven, both financially and philosophically, to make cold calls, pursue new contacts, and acquire new customers. But often, little thought is given to nurturing relationships with the customers they already have. Given that acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one, this can be a costly approach.

Customers who are continuously courted, interacted with, and reminded of your presence are less likely to go racing off when competitors come calling. Making those customers feel recognized, known and appreciated can go a long way toward locking up their loyalty. It's also a great way to get them referring others.

Restore broken relationships and win back business.
Regardless of how effective your customer retention efforts are, for various reasons certain customers will suspend their relationship with you and your business. But those relationships aren't lost. You can win back these once-valuable customers.

But failing to use what you know about those past customers -- and what they know about you -- to your advantage can cost you time and money.

Our automated greeting card system lets you minimize the potential for losing a client or customer, and also streamlines the process of acquiring new ones, all at a cost that cannot be matched in any other customer acquisiton or retention system.

So, if you have not formulated a marketing plan that includes a focus on relationship marketing with an automated tool like ours, you owe it to yourself and to your business to try it out today.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

What do I get with Send Out Cards

With Send Out Cards, you will receive the following:
  • Online Contact Manager where you can store names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdates and other key information about everyone you know.
  • Online Calendar and Reminder system that will never let you forget birthdays or other special occasions that your people have.
  • Online Greeting Card Catalog with over 2000 greeting cards to choose from. You select and write your message; we print, stuff and send in the mail for you.
  • Transfer Group Lists to other Members: This gives you the ability to send your family list, complete with names, birthdates, etc, to other participating family members.
  • Ground floor Opportunity: Both product and service is in high demand.
  • Custom Cards for Business or Personal use: You can design a card with your company logo and artwork. You can also design a family Christmas card or personal cards.

The personal benefits you gain are astounding:

  • You create and maintain lasting relationships, personally and professionally
  • You can express yourself at impromptu times and make a positive difference in others lives.
  • You will motivate, encourage, uplift and show appreciation in ways that you never thought possible.
  • By sending out cards, you will create a positive activity that will make you a better person in every aspect of your life. Your Relationships will be stronger, your self confidence will grow, your ability to express yourself will increase, you will change the world's pattern of negative thinking into positive thoughts and activities.
  • You will be remembered as someone who remembers

As a result of all of these things, new opportunities will surface in your life. You will meet and befriend people that will help you accomplish goals and dreams that you never thought were possible.

We also realize personal development and relationship building are difficult when you cannot pay your bills. Money stress is one of the biggest problems in our society today. People need opportunities to help them get on the road to financial security and independence. A financially stable person is better able to focus on things outside of themselves.

Because of this, Send Out Cards provides opportunities that can not only bring financial stability but also residual income and financial affluence. This can be done in the home where a person needs and wants to spend more time. Send Out Cards fills a huge need:

American Greetings, a multi billion dollar greeting card company, conducted a study to find out the buying habits and needs of their consumers. They found the average consumer buys 10 greeting cards per year but has a need for more than 70 greeting cards. The 2 primary reasons they don't buy 70+ cards per year is due to 1) inconvenience, and 2) They forget.

Send Out Cards has created solutions to those problems and built a system that will educate people on how to use the system. You can be a part of that system, fill a consumer need and make big money. This is what you can expect:

A unique concept that is in high demand with little competition.

The ability to sell greeting cards on demand for less than retail. The average greeting card costs $3.00. The retail price for a preferred customer at SendOutCards is $0.98. You can purchase cards for as low as $0.62 each.

Added Value with no extra cost: Not only do you get a printed greeting card, you get it stuffed, stamped and sent in the mail for you. You also get an online contact manager and calendar reminder system that is included in the price of the card.

Offer Follow-up services to businesses. These services include custom greeting cards, promotional postcards and pre-scheduled campaigns that businesses can send to prospects and customers.

Front-end Compensation that delivers big commissions fast.

Back-end Compensation that delivers residual commissions long-term

Your own internet website complete with shopping cart and credit card processing

Strong support from a distribution network that benefits from helping you succeed. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

The biggest challenge to any business is how do you sell the product and gain a customer base. The Send Out Cards opportunity is extremely unique because:

The Product sells the product! The number one activity we train our business associates to do is to Send Out Cards . Why? Because the product is so unique people you send cards to will call you and ask you how you did it. This alone, creates an opportunity to share what we have. It's that simple, it works.

In addition, Send Out Cards uses the product to help its associates professionally contact their warm market with personalized postcards and greeting cards. You can make multiple lists of people and send them pre-scheduled campaigns on 4-color postcards and greeting cards. These cards are personalized with your name and their names on them. You found an incredible service on the internet that sends printed greeting cards on demand; you will call them to show them how it works and set-up an account for them so they can send out cards.

Now when you contact your people, you simply say, did you get my postcard, and then you set-up a sample account. You can put 1 to 10 greeting cards in their sample account, show them how to send a card and allow them to send additional cards, save contact names and review their own calendar with saved birthdays and special occasions. This works like magic. If a person or business takes the time to sample the system, they are sold almost every time. This is a fun and simple way for you to build a residual business

Friday, April 28, 2006

Why Send Out Cards

Some of the greatest minds of the past century have been telling us the keys to success involve showing constant respect to others.

Abraham Lincoln stated that "everybody likes a compliment." This is how he ran our country and became the greatest political leader of all time, he simply complimented people.
William James said: "The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated." Notice the strong language he used. He said the CRAVING to be appreciated.

I can already hear you business minded people saying, "OK, this is all great, but what does this mean to my bottom line? How can I prosper financially by implementing these principles?"

Dale Carnegie said: "We nourish the bodies of our children and friends and employees, but how seldom do we nourish their self-esteem? We provide them with roast beef and potatoes to build energy, but we neglect to give them kind words of appreciation that would sing in their memories for years like the music of the morning stars."

When was the last time you told your son or daughter that you were proud of them? Or your employee that they did a great job, or your wife or husband that you love them, or your friend that you appreciate your friendship, or your customer that you appreciate their business. Remember, we as human beings crave appreciation. When we show it, people will respond to us in the most positive ways possible.

Everyone has promptings to do these things but we seldom act on those promptings... The difference between success and failure in your life will depend on your ability to act on the promptings of sharing kind words or deeds.

There have been numerous studies in human development that suggest it is easier to express ourselves in writing versus in words. Send Out Cards gives you the tool to respond to your promptings instantly by expressing your appreciation in writing. And the best part, you can do it in seconds. With today's technology, you can implement simple rules that will make a significant impact in your personal and professional life. You will be able to make a big difference for good in the lives of everyone you associate with.

Join Send Out Cards today at
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